Anita Bongers-Lewis

Anita did not start out in real estate as a Realtor, but as an investor. Looking to see her hard earned money work harder for her and to create a better road to financial freedom she reseated real estate as an investment strategy. It didn’t take long as she jumped in with both feet she, and her husband Kris, worked hard to purchase five rental homes in their first year while also having their first child. Anita was hooked.

While Anita has continued to grow and reposition her real estate holdings over the years, even winning a Canadian Real Estate Investor (CREW) award for her work. Her success here has given her a passion to help many others to do the same. Knowing what real estate can provide for others, Anita left her successful career as a chiropractor to become a Realtor.

Anita has been able to help many investors build real estate portfolios of their own and has happily shared the extensive knowledge she has continued to grow. However it is not only investors that Anita strives to help. Home ownership for anyone is Anita’s passion. Buying or selling real estate is the largest asset most of us will ever handle, and Anita treats it with utmost professionalism and care. What owning a home can create for an individual’s future is staggering and Anita drives to help as many as she can. Real estate is Anita’s passion, and it shows in the referrals and reviews of her many clients.