Irina Roudenko

Irina's authentic endorsement of all things real estate stems from her core belief that property ownership is the most secure and tangible investment consumers can make. "It’s the only investment product that you can actually live in," stated Irina at a recent press interview. And she should know! A previous career spent as a Licensed Investment Advisor at an international firm and a degree in International Economics and Finance have armed Irina with the knowledge and research that support the endless advantages of buying Canadian real estate. It’s no wonder she decided to launch a career in the real estate industry – Irina is 100% sold on the long term wealth building potential of real estate in any person’s financial portfolio. Irina went on to say, “the versatility of real estate is amazing; it can be a home, a nest egg, an income property, a business. The diversity is unequaled in the marketplace.” Irina’s enviable background has perfectly equipped her for a smooth transition into housing sales, and accounts for the high demand for her services that she is already experiencing.

Right from the outset of meeting with buyers and sellers, the insight and wisdom that Irina affords her clients produces instant trust and loyalty. She simply becomes an indispensable resource to her buyers and sellers throughout the acquisition or liquidation process and beyond. An impressive understanding of “the right home for the right stage in life” adds to her credibility and assures her clients that they have chosen the right professional. Utilizing the massive capabilities of the latest cutting edge technology and leveraging a diverse range of market strategies to their most effectiveness, Irina ensures that her sellers get the exposure and representation they deserve while her buyers get VIP access to the full inventory of homes available. Aligning herself with the #1 real estate brand in the world – RE/MAX – was an easy decision for Irina, who cites “working with the best makes you the best” as her foundational philosophy.